Okay. Hi again.

This will be simply ridiculous because im about to tell a character that i have and its very very stupid lame pathetic like no one will like me. Ever ! *like who does this thing ahahaahaahahaa k.

But i will tell you how to overcome this character. Its like how can you deal with this behavior.

So, the character that i have is L to the A to the Z to the Y. L A Z Y.

"Yep i hereby announce that im a lazy bump / lazy ass /  etc."
Okay im done with the announcement. So how to overcome ? How to deal with this damn son ? :P
As for me, what ive done during these few months before getting into university or college is hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm okay i dont know how to tell it.
Okay heres an example.
Im not that kind who loves to study. Hihi lame. But i do know that i have to study. Because of your future. Because its important. Because you want to be educated. Because you have to *simple*. So what i did and currently doing is ive set time to study. Like for about 2 ho…


Yasss its been along time since my last post. Hikhik. Okay so let me tell you a story. 
So for the last five years of studying more likely for the last 17 years of studying *haha ive been doing well i guess*, i did show some good results or CHANGE.  Eventhough my SPM results didnt reflect of how well ive studied back then. Lol maybe it did reflect a bit. Well come on IT WAS SPM i can say that ive studied for those papers, not for Allah. IM NOT MAKING AN EXCUSE OR SAYING THAT ;
"If i studied for Allah, it could have been better."
No ! It was my fault for not studying very well. And yeah when i thought of it again it was pretty PATHETIC. 
So, talking about the title for this post. Hmmmmmm.
You know what ? When it comes to find scholarships or sponsorships or a place to continue your studies after SPM, i can say that its generally based on your results, your efforts of finding and applying that stuffs.Yep its true. Cant deny t…


Assalam peeps. So what's all about the title ? Okay SPM results will be on 20th March. It's so damn scary. Please make dua for all of us. In sha Allah, 1617 A+ :)

Life .

You see , in life , there are ups and downs . Not all people always succeed at the first place but we hear many successful people comes from a life which is very difficult and hard . But what did they do ? They actually tried hard and worked until their last breath . So today and right now , i'm kinda sad because of something . Now i know to achieve success it's not an easy work . You really have to make sacrifices , be serious in everything you do , i learnt my lesson today . And i've been feeling this . I really hate this type of feeling which is comfortable . Because i don't want to be lost in the world , i want to have Allah beside me . Now i know that we should not just say , we should do . The biggest mistake that i've ever made is doing nothing of what i've had planned . Wassalam .

Alhamdulillah .

Alhamdulillah i'm through with SPM .It went well . And i'm back from umrah . It was fun and very calming . I'm grateful Allah had given me the chance to go there . I'm trying to make some changes . Hoping and trying to be istiqamah in every ibadah that i do .

Hmmm so some of my friends got interviews . Yeah hmm so jealous of them , i feel like crying and yes i did . Now it's very clear to me that the examinations you take is very important . Yes i do regret .

Now , i'm surfing the internet maybe i could find luck .
Ya Allah please help me and my friends .
Ya Allah please simplify all things for me and my friends .
Ameen ya rabbal a'lamin .

Freedom .

Assalam .
Well , how's SPM ?
Alhamdulillah it went well .
In sha Allah , He'll be taking the rest .

So , how's life ?
Alhamdulillah , going on as usual .

And how are you ?
Hmmm .
There are ups and downs .
But still , i'm moving on strong .

I wanted something .
Just a little favor .
But maybe not now .
Maybe after this .

Allah , please help me .
Ameen .

Hear Me.

Assalam peeps . Well how's PRU? I didn't really celebrate PRU because i'm just 17 . So today it had been a very absolute-enthusiastic-striving-for-success day because i've been imagining things when i'm in future . You know , when i watch English movies it always had flicked me out of a sudden like '  i wanna be like her '  , ' oh , isn't it great to have him ? ' , ' gahh , i'm jealous of her love life ' . It always had been like that . So what i conclude from that is if you want to be like them , or having a life like them , you should be striving for success . I mean you should be working hard to get all of it . You couldn't give up , right ? There's still life for you . Oh Allah , may You always be beside us . Ameen .

Put :)